Tips for a healthy pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is the dream of every expectant mother. Congratulations, you are going to be a mother soon. As you are very excited about this good news, so many queries and feelings run in your mind. You want to know every fact about pregnancy. This is the time to take care of yourself and your baby also. You may get lots of information about healthy pregnancy from the internet, pregnancy books, and many more ways. Your family and friends are also very excited to share their experiences of pregnancy with you. All the information from these sources is not enough for you to decide what is good for you and your baby.

Here is a list of important things you should know to continue your healthy pregnancy. These will help you to understand what you have to do for yourself and your baby during the journey of giving birth to a new life.

Tips for expectant mother for a healthy pregnancy:

The first step of pregnancy is to find a good doctor and maternity home as you need the best prenatal care.

Secondly, Prenatal vitamins should be taken as early as possible.

Make a habit of exercise in daily routine as your body feels many changes. It will help in increasing the oxygen level in the body.

Attend pregnancy or prenatal classes and educate yourself. It will help you prepare for delivery.

Change in your daily household work. Avoid lifting heavyweight and harmful and toxic cleaners.

Watch your weight gain. As a result, stable weight gain indicates your baby’s growth.

Have healthy food that is rich in vitamin, folic acid, calcium, and protein, so it helps in the growth of a baby.

Take food rich in fiber because it helps in the development of the baby.

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables full of nutrients.

Eat five or six meals each day. But do not overeat.

Drink plenty of water/fluid and keep yourself hydrated.

Reduce the amount of caffeine. It may lead to miscarriage.

Say big no to smoking, drinking alcohol, and drugs. These may cause miscarriage.

Necessarily get enough sleep.

Consult your dentist and take precautions to avoid any type of gum problems.

Try to avoid overmedication. Do not take any medicine without the consultation of your doctor.

Always wear comfortable shoes when you are pregnant. Say no to heels.

To avoid the problem of leg cramps, stretch before going to bed.

Get proper rest. Get sufficient sleep, in other words, rest is the primary need for pregnancy.

Do prenatal workout to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to ease the delivery.

Always dress in comfortable clothing, because tight clothes can irritate you and your baby.

Take care of your skin from sunburn and dark spots. Apply sunscreen before going out of the house.

Opt for medication or yoga to manage your stress level. Gossip with friends also reduces the level of stress.

Stay active during the pregnancy period. Go for a walk after dinner is the best option. Either you may go for shopping.

Talk to your baby who is cuddled in your womb and maintain a strong bond.

Always listen to your body. When you feel fatigued, take a nap.

Encourage your partner to adopt new healthy habits changes.

Talk to your friends or relatives about pregnancy and parenthood. They will surely share their experience with you.

Call the doctor if feel any of these symptoms:

  • Bleeding from vagina
  •  Fluid leakage
  • Contractions
  • Any type of pain in the abdominal area
  • Less movement of the baby
  • Shortness in breathing
  • Cramps
  • Weakness

Go to your hospital and have a childbirth class. It may help you to get ready for delivery. The process of birth will be clear in your mind which will help you to calm down during labour.

The pregnancy period is a very important stage of life. So enjoy these extraordinary moments in your life. Your loved ones can help you to enjoy and tackle these amazing changes. Have a happy journey of giving birth to your little one.

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