Recipe: Watermelon Lemonade- Fresh & Easy

Nowadays, the summer is soaring high day by day. Drinks are vital to keep the body hydrated and calm the mind. Therefore, today we are here with the recipe of exotic Watermelon Lemonade. When watermelon and lemon are combined, it gives a great taste that has exotic and perfect flavor for the summer season!

Everyone irrespective of age, love it so much! In my opinion, it won the title of the best summer drink! This time, the chunks of watermelon added to this Watermelon Lemonade. Additionally, twist in the taste of this drink came in the picture when mint spruced. Resulting, tangy flavoured delicious Watermelon Lemonade is ready to cool your soul!


  • Watermelon –  1/2 kg, deseeded pieces
  • Watermelon –  2 deseeded scoop
  • Fresh Mint –    15-20 leaves
  • Lemon Juice –  1.5 tbsp
  • Sugar Syrup –  2 tbsp
  • Pepper –           1 pinch
  • Black Salt –     1-2 pinch or as required
  • Crushed ice


  • Take a blender and put all the ingredients together with watermelon and mint leaves.
  • Blend it for 2-4 minutes till all mix well.
  • Put some crushed ice and blend for 1 minute.
  • Pour it in a glass- 3/4 glass
  • Put some crushed ice on top of it.
  • Garnish it with scooped watermelon, 3-4 mint leaves and a lemon slice.

Watermelon Lemonade is best suited for any type of gathering and when served in a wide mouth jar with jumbo straw to sip up the chunks along with the drink. Watermelon Lemonade serves the purpose for everything, even you are chilling out with your friends or hosting your guest at home.

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