Professional Etiquettes and Style Tips

Dressing up well is a skill every one’s desire to master. In the modern world when it comes to dressing up everyone wants to be a standout personality in any function or event.

Hair cut

The hair cut is a very important part of your appearance whether it is about your hairs or grooming mustache and beard. There is a perception among people that they are not interested in talking to someone who is not well-groomed especially hairs.


Shoes are a very important thing to complete your outfit whether you’re attending a party or a meeting. For example, shoes with flat soles are very comfortable to walk with and match any dress. In contrast, sports shoes only look good in jeans. And don’t forget to tie your shoes in a manner.

Colour combination

Never fear in experimenting with new colour combinations in your daily routine clothes. The more you experiment the more you got to know about the colour combination which suits you. And if you are getting confused just Google the colour combination and have your answer. Like a Black t-shirt or White shirt with a pair of blue jeans will be a killer.


There are two types of watches which you tie analogue ones and digital ones. The analogue watches add a star to your personality with formal clothes like suit or blazer, on the other end, the digital ones are best with casual clothes like t-shirt and jeans.

Buy fitting clothes

Always buy the clothes which suit your body type, they should neither baggy ones nor the tighter ones. Because if you buy clothes that don’t fit, you will feel depressed going in an event and will.  

Matching colours

Every time you dress up for going to a party or an event makes sure that your shoes match with your pants or jeans. As it helps to make illusions that you are longer than their actual length and you look tall.


People tend to experiment less as they are afraid that they will not be able to leave a mark at the party or they will not look good. You should be confident enough to represent yourself in every type of dress.

Suit or Blazer

Most of the men are confused about suit and blazer whether to buy or get tailored. Get it tailored as you will look more dapper and will make the clothes look expensive than its original price. In choosing one of them to choose blazer as it can match with any of your dresses regardless of the suit.

Professional Dressing is vital for the success in your professional and office life. It also plays an important role in the academic environment. Dressing and looks are a kind of statements in the professional world. If the attire chose is not appropriate and sloppy, that can restrict your progress and even kill your career. These above-mentioned tips are very simple and easy to go and empowers you to stand out in your office.

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