How to develop self- esteem in children

Self-esteem is not inherited, it is a learning process. An affirmative sense of self is the best gift you can give your child. Mounting positive self-respect is expressly important for a child with thinking and learning variances. Self-esteem makes a child feel skilled, valuable and cherished.

You can help your child ripen positive self-esteem by appreciating their good acts and efforts so it can help them to identify and use their strengths. A positive self- esteem has long last impact on behavior, accomplishment, and health also.

As we all know that childhood is a very exciting period in which a child faces many challenges and changes. They mount their living style and their own social life. They want to do everything according to their schedule. However they are budding more liberated each day, children continue to depend upon their parents for nourishment, teaching and guidance, security, and support.

Importance of healthy self-esteem:

When your child values themselves and have better self-esteem. A child feels safe and valuable. It helps to make a positive relationship with other children and feel confident about their capabilities. You feel free to learn and feedback that helps to attain and adopt new skills. Kids with good self-esteem have the confidence to try new things and learn how to manage mistakes. It helps kids to do better in every field.

Here are some ways to help to develop self-esteem

Develop a sense of safety and security

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Kids always need a safe and secure atmosphere. A child not only wants physical security but they also need emotional safety and security. They need love and care from the peoples around them. Parents have to nurture the kids in a loving and friendly nature. The development of emotional, physical, mental health depends upon a sense of security. A child gets more self- confidence and feels easy with themselves. A sense of security helps the kids to create a healthy relationship with others.

Develop a good and positive attitude in kids

Inspire your child to do things on their own. “I can do it” attitude should be developed in children. Not any child born with self-esteem or confidence; they develop it by the interfaces with others. This is your responsibility to develop a positive attitude about himself and his capabilities and skills. Help your child to identify who they are and their special traits which makes them unique, different and special from others.

Encouragement to the attitude of problem-solving

This is the most important skill for a child they should need to develop so they tackle all the problems and make the right decision for themselves. It is very important to make the right decision at the right time. If a child solves a problem on their own, they feel more confident and happy. Parents should start developing problem-solving skills at the early age of a child. Children also face problems in daily life as we adults face. Give a chance to your child to solve the problem on their own. Ask them for a solution and examine. When they solve a problem on their own, they feel confident to overcome the upcoming problems in their life.

Repetition skill

Repetition is very good as it provides practice to the new skill learned by a child. It will help a child to master any skill. Repetition improves promptness, increase self-confidence, and strengthen the brain for learning. Practice makes a man perfect. The more child learns, more self-confidence will increase.

Teach them, “Mistake is a process of learning”

Everyone makes mistakes while learning new things and we learn a lot from our mistakes. Without mistakes, no one learns valuable things and gain knowledge. Teach your child that mistakes are learning opportunities. Tell your child that it’s not a big deal to fail and every mistake has a solution. So your child never fears to try new things. Let your children take healthy risks.

Let children make their own choices and decisions

In the process of making your kids independent, children need to make their own choices and decisions. Parents should encourage their children to make their own decisions and learn to be independent and grow up into a strongly desired adult who achieves success.

Praise kids efforts

Everyone needs praise to feel encouraged. Like adults, children also need encouragement, especially those children who are less confident need more praise and encouragement than others.

If you praise Kids efforts, it helps to motivate your child. Praise can lead your child toward success. Praise at every step of your child not just in the end.

Not everyone is perfect

Tell your child that no one is born perfect. Perfection comes through practice. Help your child try to do new things without thinking about failure.

Everyone loves success and achievements. Children feel good about themselves if they achieve something good the same as an adult do. So parents should develop self-esteem and self-confidence in their children.

All the best parents!

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